Job Ad Policy

Dos & Don'ts for Niyukti Job-ADs
  1. Job Advertisements (Job-ADs) on are subject to our sole discretion.
  2. ADs should be for 'Real' Jobs. No dummy job posts are allowed.
  3. Job-ADs should not be used for selling something to candidates.
  4. Jobs should be 'local' to Bihar or at least the interview should be held locally in Bihar.
  5. Jobs should have a fixed salary. Only Commission & incentive based jobs are not allowed.
  6. Job-Ads should not be used to dupe candidates in any way.
  7. Sufficient details about the Company/ Employer should be provided if the name is not included or the Company/ Employer is not very well known.
  8. Job-ADs from HR & Placement Consultants are allowed if they are for a specific client Company.
  9. Job-ADs for collecting CVs for future use are strictly prohibited.
  10. Consultants should specify when the openings are for themselves, and not their clients.
  11. Off-Rolls should be mentioned if candidates will not be put on Company pay rolls.
  12. Position should mention the 'designation' that will be offered to the selected candidate.
  13. In case of more than one opening, number of vacancies for each position should be indicated in ( ).
  14. As far as possible, locations should be specified instead of 'All Bihar' or 'All major cities'.
  15. If a street name is mentioned, City name should compulsorily follow.
  16. Minimum acceptable Qualification should be mentioned.
  17. Qualification required should be inline with the position.
  18. Experience should mention the broad range of the number of years of experience required.
  19. As far as possible a reasonable salary range should be mentioned instead of 'Negotiable' & 'No Bar' etc.
  20. Job Description should highlight the key deliverables for the selected candidate.
  21. For Sales openings the product(s) to be sold should be clearly mentioned without which the opening is likely to be rejected.
  22. Candidate Profile should indicate the type of experience required for the job or the target industries from which candidates are preferred.
  23. Email Address is the most important piece of information. So, please check the email address most carefully before submitting the details.
  24. 'Official' Email Ids are given higher preference than free email IDs from Gmail, Yahoo, rediffmail etc.
  25. Its always a good idea to mention a separate 'Email Subject' for each position to easily identify and segregate the responses.

Few reasons for rejecting Job-ADs
(Reasons are not limited to those given below. Final discretion rests with us)

  1. ADs not with respect to specific openings are liable to be rejected.
  2. ADs with incomplete details are more likely to be rejected.
  3. ADs for the sole purpose of collecting CVs are not allowed.
  4. ADs with very broad criteria like 'Qualification - any', 'Salary - negotiable', 'Location - all' are more likely to be rejected.
  5. Location should be specified. If entire state then number of position needs to be specified.
  6. Too low or too high salaries without justification could both be grounds for rejection.
  7. Jobs-ADs require a minimum, fixed salary. Commission based jobs are not accepted.
  8. No ADs for Advisors (Commission based) or trainees without salary/stipend.
  9. ADs seeking Distributors/ Franchisees for products.
  10. 'Females' only jobs are more closely scrutinized and are only allowed from 'Official' email Ids of renowned companies only.
  11. Same ADs may be repeated a few times, but they need to be spaced at least 3-4 weeks apart.
  12. However same AD can not be repeated more than 3 times.
  13. Variety of positions and locations are given higher preference.
  14. Sectors and profiles more in demand from Candidates are given higher preference to those that find fewer takers.
  15. Advertisements from IT/ Website Companies that do not have a decent Website of their own or are not mailed from an Official Email Id(with company domain name) are likely to be rejected.
  16. Job-Ads that are neither for 'Bihar' locations nor the interviews in Bihar are not included.
Deadlines for various types of Job-ADs
  1. Urgent Jobs - Minimum 3 days before 'Apply By Date' (Last Date)
  2. Walk-in Jobs - Minimum 3 days before Walk-in Date
  3. Normal Jobs - Minimum 8-10 days before 'Apply By Date' (Last Date)